We run a full transport programme for pupils to travel to and from school by bus.


Our school bus network is extensive; we offer eleven different bus routes from across Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, including shuttles from Bedford and Northampton railway stations. Some routes are operated in partnership with Country Lion and Poynters Coaches, whilst others are run using our own school minibuses.

The School Bus Service offers a real alternative to the car. Dedicated, friendly, DBS checked drivers are allocated to specific routes, so your daughter can build up a rapport with them. Drivers ensure the safety of all on the bus, whilst also transporting passengers in comfort. Our buses take advantage of bus lanes wherever possible, keeping journey times competitive; travel by bus is also safer and better for the environment than car travel.

New for this year is our interactive journey planning website for our school bus service, available at www.northamptonhigh.vectare.co.uk. This allows you to enter your postcode, find your closest bus stop, and see bespoke travel information for your daughter’s journey to school. Click here for our Transport and Travel Guide.

If you would like to discuss different ways for your daughter to travel to and from school, please get in touch using the Contact Us form on the website above. Similarly, if you cannot find a stop that suits your needs, please contact us at nhsadmin@nhs.gdst.net and we will try to find a suitable arrangement.

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