Sixth Form

Life in the Sixth Form is invigorating and exciting. A time of transition between school and the wider world, girls at Northampton High School have tremendous opportunities to achieve academic success and personal development as the take increased responsibility for their lives and discover new freedoms.

Sixth Form students are respected as adults; they are trusted to manage their time, and enjoy new privileges. Very much still part of the school community, Sixth Form girls take on leadership roles while enjoying their own facilities including a common room, study rooms and cafe. In this atmosphere of mutual support strong friendships are forged, many of which last for life.

The Sixth Form at Northampton High School provides girls with opportunities to enhance existing skills and develop new ones. Within a strong framework of both academic and pastoral guidance, girls are encouraged to be independent and think for themselves, pursue their passions and develop new ones.

We are delighted to offer the Northampton High School Laureate, a prestigious recognition of the excellence, creativity and enrichment that a Sixth Form education at our school comprises. This is awarded at the end of the Sixth Form girl's career here and endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce, with whom we work closely.

We are proud to see girls leaving the Sixth Form at Northampton High School as confident and able young women, equipped not just with qualifications, but also a wealth of experiences - and an appetite for more. 

Mrs Julia Cantwell, BSc Hons.

Director of Sixth Form


Our students say:

“The opportunity to study new subjects such as Psychology and Business Studies has expanded my horizons. Smaller classes and more interactive lessons are fun so that you enjoy learning."

“Subject trips and social occasions, such as theatre trips, lead to you making new friends and visiting new places."

“Sixth Form at NHS gives you the opportunity to be more independent and for many of us to experience leadership responsibility”


ISI Inspection Report

"An atmosphere of achievement and ambition."

Good Schools Guide

"A happy and high-achieving school that nurtures and educates girls through those all important teenage years."