Arts Festival


This week we celebrated all that is finest in art, drama, fashion textiles, film, food and music in our annual Arts Festival and it was a huge pleasure to see so many people enjoying the show.  From the dazzling array of faces in the Junior School to the flamboyant collection of shoes in the Foyer, from the Atelier of stylish garments in the Pink Zone to the retro charm of the ‘sweet shoppe’, from pop-up dystopian drama to drumming in the Derngate courtyard, from the Flute Quartet to film premières, here was a kaleidoscope of talent and originality, skill and imagination, brought together with great skill and panache by our team of teachers and support staff.  




Summing up the night, I observed how, at a time when arts education is in retreat nationwide, the creative life of the High School stands proud as a beacon of creativity.  Here, the arts are taken seriously, the gifts and enthusiasms of the girls are nurtured and we showcase their expressiveness by exhibiting their work all around school.  The passion and commitment of our staff shine through in all they do, whether it is in forging ahead with innovations (the High School Cinema, for example, or the White Room) or in giving attention to the small points of detail that make the whole so coherent and effective.  Thursday’s show was as powerful a demonstration as we will find of the capacity of the arts to move and inspire us.

Dr Stringer, Headmistress