Fashion and Textiles

In Fashion and Textiles lessons pupils are given creative opportunities to develop design and make projects through exploring a range of briefs. Pupils are encouraged to develop awareness of both Fashion History and of the Contemporary Fashion and Textiles industry. Projects are often industry related and progression routes are explored within the sector. Pupils are encouraged to apply creative thinking, problem solving, analysis and evaluation of good design throughout project work and acquire skills to use a range machinery and equipment. Pupils are able to explore and experiment with a range of creative textiles techniques, fabrics and components to create quality products. The girls combine their design and practical skills with a wider understanding of global and environmental issues surrounding design including ethical Fashion and sustainability within Textiles.

Aims and Purposes of Fashion and Textiles

At Northampton High School Design and Technology offers opportunities for pupils to:
• Nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making;
• Develop their designing and making skills; taking a risk with their ideas.
• Develop knowledge and understanding of materials and components; systems and structures;
• Develop their capability, through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding to design and make products;
• Explore values about and attitudes to the made world and how we live, work and interact within it;
• Relate and apply knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum.

Visits outside the school environment are considered essential to develop pupils’ awareness of industrial practice and to design for real life situations and clients. Close links with local Fashion and Textiles industries are maintained along with visits to a range of current exhibitions exploring Fashion, Textiles and Design.

Sixth form pupils make full use of the design and research opportunities offered by the close vicinity of London and Birmingham and many students have completed exciting subject based work experience in the design industry in recent years which has then led them to specialist university courses and future careers.

All age groups are given the opportunity to enter a wide range of national and local competitions and awards and girls have achieved significant success in recent years.

We aim to help all students to become technologically literate citizens capable of operating both as consumers of, and contributors to, the design world.