History at NHS is a modern, dynamic course, designed to capture the imagination and accelerate student interest in the world around them.

The History course will introduce students to some of the key events and personalities that have shaped important developments in British, European and World History and still have an impact on the world we live in today. In addition, girls will develop skills such as the ability to construct arguments and written skills will be enhanced in terms of learning to write more concisely and fluently. This makes it highly suited to a wide range of career paths including law and journalism. Students are encouraged to debate the issues raised, research around the subjects taught and prepare ICT and drama presentations to enhance learning. Communication skills are vital for the success in the world today and the study of History provides a route to acquiring them. Studies are also enriched by visits to Warwick Castle, the Globe Theatre, Normandy and Berlin.

The History course should not only provide students with examination success but also widen general knowledge and give girls a deeper understanding of the problems in the world today.