Biology is a very popular and successful subject at the High School. Many of our former pupils have gone to university to study Biological Sciences, Genetics, Biomedical Science, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. We run various trips. Upper Third go to Salcey Forest when we study Ecology. The Lower Fourth go to a zoo and the Sixth form visit the Pathology Laboratory at Northampton General Hospital in 6.1 when studying the Biology of Disease and have a residential field trip to Devon as part of their A2 work on Ecology. Lower Fifth visit the Oxford University Natural History Museum when learning about Evolution. We also recieve many Biological visiting speakers as part of the Cafe Sci programme.

Why study Biology? 

  • Genetic engineering, cloning, environmental catastrophes ... these exciting and disturbing issues are always in the news. You will be able to join the debate with informed opinions and may help shape the future of mankind.
  • You will understand more of what goes on inside your body, other living things and the environment.
  • A qualification in Biology can be used to gain entry into a wide variety of interesting careers, both in and out of the scientific field.

Current students’ opinions of the subject

“It’s a good subject, and will help me get onto the university course I have chosen” 

“It is useful as it is helps us to understanding the world we live in” 

“There is lots of practical work and you go into much more detail” 

“It’s very interesting, but challenging - hard work, but worth it”