Entrance Exams

Upper Third – Upper Fifth (Years 7-11)

There are two main points of entry at 11+ and at 13+ although there are sometimes vacancies in other year groups. Once you have registered your daughter, she will be invited to attend the school in order to take our Entrance Examination. This usually takes place in the January preceding the September of entry and consists of tests in English and Mathematics. Borderline candidates may be invited back for an interview later in January after which places, scholarships and bursaries will be offered.

We are pleased to make individual arrangements to test girls who wish to join the school part way through the school year. 

Entrance Examinations for September 2017

The Entrance Examination for entry into Upper third/Year 7 will be held on Friday 13 January 2017. This examination consists of multiple choice papers in English and Mathematics. Girls are invited in to school for the whole day, where they take the Examination, have lunch and enjoy some team building activities.

The Entrance Examination for entry into Lower Fourth/Year 8 and Upper Fourth/Year 9 will be held on Monday 16 January 2017. For these examinations the girls complete papers in English and Mathematics. Girls entering the Upper Fourth are also invited to sit for an Academic Scholarship.

The Entrance Examination for other year groups will be held at a time to suit parents.

To Register for these Examinations, you simply need to complete a Registration Form for your daughter. As soon as we receive this Registration Form, we shall send you an invitation for the Entrance Examination and information on Scholarship and Bursary applications, where applicable. For more information please contact the Registrar, Mrs Amanda Wilmot, on 01604 765765 or on a.wilmot@nhs.gdst.net.