Looking Ahead

The ‘Looking Ahead’ guidance programme builds on a focus in Early Years on ‘People who help us in schNurse visitool’ where members of the school community such as the nurse visit the girls and talk about their role in school or the girls visit other departments such as the kitchens or senior science labs.

In KS1 girls move their focus outwards to people who help us in our community with trips perhaps to the fire station or having a dentist visit to talk about their work.

By KS2 girls are beginning to develop a clear sense of their own identity and learning about what they enjoy doing most, be it drawing, running or joining in a music group. Within the guidance programme we aim to enable girls to make links between learning in school and the world of work, encourage them to value service as an important part of being a citizen and to broaden their minds to the opportunities available to them. Parents and volunteers are invited into school to talk to the girls about a wide range of careers from archaeology to journalism. The girls enjoy following up the talks with questions and further research.

Alongside these experiences which sit within our PSHE curriculum, enterprise is fostered through projects in the Design & Technology curriculum where girls design, produce and market items such as biscuits and saleable gifts to raise money for charity.

Grendon year 3Our annual residential trips play an important part in developing the girl’s ability to work as a team and the enrichment programme broadens their understanding of the opportunities available to them, perhaps enjoying a hands on science workshop or outside with ‘Wild Explorers’.

Emphasis on performance and speaking in public through plays, concerts, dance or class assemblies fosters confidence and the ability to communicate with clarity. Key skills in the world of work.