Key Stage 2

Teaching and Learning in Key Stage Two

To ensure continuity, Schemes of Work are based on the National Curriculum programmes of study, with opportunities to go beyond when required. The broad and balanced curriculum covers ten timetabled subjects and pupils are given the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts, through problem solving, researching, working collaboratively and developing thinking and study skills as well as practical tasks.

Specialist teaching takes place in Music, Performing Arts, Sport, Swimming and French. Pupils have access to an exciting range of topics and activities, with opportunities for active learning and first-hand experiences, in an attractive and exceptionally well-resourced educational environment.

The girls are helped to clearly understand the learning purpose behind all activities and careful, regular assessments enable staff to match work to pupils' individual needs and to give parents an accurate picture of their daughter’s progress. Supported by this framework of guidance and care, girls leave the Junior School as confident independent learners, well equipped to take on the challenges of the next phase of their education.