Reception (age 4 - 5 years)

Girls joining our Reception do not have to sit an Entrance Assessment. Girls may join Reception the September after their fourth birthday. Once you have looked round the school and decided to register your daughter a place will be offered. A visit is arranged in July, when girls meet their classmates and new teacher.

Years 1 - 6 (age 5 - 11 years)

Girls joining Year 1 - 6 sit an Entrance Assessment during the year prior to entry. Mid-year entry is also possible at the start of any term and girls will be assessed during a taster day, when they will also have the opportunity to spend time in class with our girls and staff.

Girls joining Year 1 are invited into school for the morning to join our current Reception class. During their visit, they will be heard reading and undertake a phonic understanding assessment. We will also ascertain their numeracy level through oral questioning.

From Year 2 upwards, girls are invited in to school for a whole day. During their visit they will complete papers in Mathematics, English and Reading. They will also have lunch with their current year group and spend time in class meeting new friends. Girls can be collected earlier if it is preferred.

We are pleased to give personal feedback on the Assessments, usually on the same day when you collect your daughter.

Nearly all the girls who join us transfer to the Senior School at 11 for the next stage of their education.

Entrance Assessments for September 2016

If you wish for your daughter to join the Junior School in September 2016, or earlier, you simply need to register her. As soon as we receive this Registration Form, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date for an Assessment. These are arranged throughout the year at a time to suit parents.

We provide feedback to parents on the results of the examination and, if successful, will offer a place to start in September or earlier if required.