Fun on Science Day

Junior School girls had an exciting time on Wednesday 3 May, when they celebrated the launch of our new Junior Science Lab.

The day began with an assembly on the theme of travel to Mars, where the girls heard about a 13-year-old girl, Elissa, who is already training to become one of the first people to travel to Mars. In the Star Dome, provided by the National Space Centre, the girls experienced the night sky and learned how to recognise some of the constellations. Atomic Tom’s demonstrations in the new laboratory were fast paced and exciting as girls watched chemical reactions and (controlled) explosions! In the afternoon, the girls participated in outdoor rocket activities, kindly provided by the Senior School. It was amazing how far simple rockets travel when propelled by water or simple chemical reactions!

After school, Karen Holland, School Governor, spoke to parents at our launch event, telling us about her career in Science and the exciting opportunities that are opening up in STEM for the current generation of pupils. She declared the new laboratory open with the cutting of a ribbon and a BANG provided by another rocket explosion! We enjoyed hearing some of the junior girls’ perspectives on Science. The afternoon ended with an opportunity to try out some experiments in the new laboratory. We are very pleased to be able to offer such facilities at Junior School level. This will help to develop the girls’ expertise in Science and the other STEM subjects.


 'I think Science is important because without Science there wouldn’t be medicine, cars or light bulbs. I like Science because it will keep changing the world' - Lizzie

'I love Science because it’s such an open subject and there are all sorts you can do. I think Science is a fun subject - making volcanoes is exciting! I love Science because it has so many areas to investigate. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so Science is important to me.' - Fleur

'I think Science is a wonderful subject with so many different subjects within it like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My favourite is Chemistry because I like watching chemical reactions like fizzes and big bangs.' - Harriet

'I like practical work. We do experiments and evaluate them like real Scientists!' - Nikki

'I love Science, it’s absolutely awesome!' - Emma