International Women's Day - Rosa Parks voted NHS Herstoric Woman 2017!

On Wednesday 8 March we celebrated International Women's Day with a number of events.


Following nominations from students, a shortlist of four women from history who were inspiring, bold and made a difference in furthering the cause of gender equality, was drawn up. In a special assembly on Wednesday the nominees were promoted by some very enthusiastic volunteers:

Kate Harrison and Jess Picot nominated Rosa Parks

Zoya Bilal chose to speak about Coco Chanel

Lexy Daly and Sabrina Sheikh introduced us to Lotfia ElNadi, a pioneering aviator

Kate Jameson and Ezri Mannion staked a claim for Eliza Shuyler Hamilton, philanthropist and abolitionist



It was exciting to learn about all the women; some familiar and some not widely known.  All our speakers spoke with passion and conviction about their choices. The vote was conducted on Firefly and the results are shown below:

WINNER Rosa Parks - 36%
Eliza Schuyler Hamilton - 23%
Coco Chanel - 22%
Lotfia El Nadi – 19%

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Students and staff have also been making pledges this week of small or large changes that they plan to make to change their world for the better and these have been pinned on boards for everybody to see. The response has been overwhelming and it has been great to read the supportive, bold and uplifting messages.