Why girls only?

As a part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) we provide an invigorating single-sex environment in which our students can thrive. Our School is a place where each girl is given the freedom and the support to be the best she can be, ready to face the world and take on its challenges.Without enforced gender boundaries, the sheer liberation that a single sex education can provide enables each girl to fulfil their potential in every field and at every age. Confidence grows immeasurably, girls get used to taking a lead and having a voice; choices are bold, successes are celebrated and there are no limits - life is there for the taking.

At single-sex schools, girls are the leaders – head of school, captain of sport, leader of the debating society. They find their voices, and get used to the challenges of leadership. Similarly, in the classroom they can take intellectual risks, ask questions, or make judgements without worrying about ‘looking stupid in front of boys’.

In short, an all-girls school builds risk-taking and resilience. In working life, these attributes are essential. Young women need to be brave enough to ask a question at a big meeting, or to disagree with the crowd view. They need to be able to handle the vagaries and unfairnesses of life, to try, and fail, and try again.

At Northampton High School, we believe a single-sex education for girls is the best possible preparation for the challenges life will give them. Our girls benefit from consistently high academic standards, superb pastoral support and an enviable culture. It’s an approach that helps them become confident, composed, courageous and committed, the values of the Girls' Day School Trust which we embrace.