Uniform Swap Shop

The school has a Uniform Swap Shop which offers current and new pupils a chance to buy second hand uniform at a reasonable price.  

Swap shop is open once a term during a lunch period, so girls are welcome to come along and shop.  The opening dates will be announced in High News and Junior News, our weekly newsletters.

We would like to invite you to sell on your old uniform through swap shop.  

Swap shop sells your uniform on your behalf and prices the items at roughly a third of the original retail price, which you will receive once the item is sold. To this price another 20% is added which goes to school funds. Therefore, this is an excellent way to help to raise money for the school and to recycle your old uniform.

Step by step guide - how to sell your uniform in Swap Shop 

  1. All uniform to be sold should be in good condition and clean. otherwise, it cannot be sold.
  2. Print off theand fill in the part that says “for parents”. The pricing will be done by swap shop. Senior School Labels Junior School Labels
  3. Attach one label to each item with a safety pin.
  4. Print off the Senior Sellers' Details form or the Junior Sellers' Details Form, fill it in and return it with your items to swap shop.
  5. Please leave the labelled items and the Sellers’ Details at reception in a bag clearly marked for Swap Shop. Please do this only on the day that Swap Shop takes place.
  6. Once the items are sold, we will send a cheque to the name and address provided by you.
  7. In the event of unsold items that you wish to be returned, you are responsible for collecting them, during  Swap shop opening times.
  8. Swap Shop cannot be held responsible for any lost item.