Scholarships and Bursaries

For external applications for any of the awards outlined below, applicants must register as early as possible. We advise you to do this before the October prior to entry, so nearly a year in advance of your daughter potentially joining us.

All applications for scholarships must be made before 6 November 2017 (Sixth Form) and by 13 December 2017 (for Year 7 and Year 9) for entry in September 2018.

All applications for bursaries must be made before 30 November 2017 (for the following year of entry).

16+ (Sixth Form)

Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships for Sixth Form are awarded on the basis of an academic essay and standardised test. This assessment takes place in November prior to entry. 

Scholarship for Excellence
A Scholarship for Excellence is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement and contribution across a range of pursuits, both academic and extracurricular. Contribution to sport, performance, creative arts, public speaking, community service, charity fund-raising as well as academic endeavour will be recognised. The Scholarship is awarded on the basis of a 500-word essay in which the applicant outlines her achievements and contributions and makes a case for why she should receive the award. In assessing the applications, the number of years’ involvement will be considered as well as the standard of excellence reached. Particular credit may be given, for example, to evidence of initiative, a deep engagement in chosen pursuits, a scholarly approach or a commitment to service.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed. All girls applying for a Scholarship for Excellence must also sit the Academic Scholarship Assessment and achieve a high standard in that Assessment in order to be considered for the Award for Excellence. This award is applied for in the November prior to entry.

Arts Scholarships
The Arts Scholarship can be applied for through Art, Drama, Fashion/Textiles or Music. To apply for an Arts Scholarship, applicants complete an application form. Applicants are shortlisted for interview with the head of the relevant subject. Applicants must also sit the Entrance Assessment in November.

Selection for the Sixth Form Arts Scholarship is made by interview and portfolio evidence and/or audition as appropriate to the discipline involved.

Sports Scholarships
To apply for the Sports Scholarship, applicants complete an application form. Applicants must also sit the Entrance Assessment in November.

Candidates will be assessed in a range of skills and activities. These include SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness), basic ball skills, netball, hockey and gymnastics. If a girl’s main sport is swimming she will normally also be asked to swim. The scholarship is aimed towards girls who are County level performers or equivalent in at least one sport, who we would expect to make a significant difference to a team performance.

Sixth Form Bursaries

Girls entering the Sixth Form may apply for a Sixth Form Bursary. These are means-tested. Applications must be completed in the October/November prior to entry and all applicants must sit the Scholarship Assessment to be considered for a bursary. Owing to high demand, the school is unable to offer a bursary to all those who apply. Offers are therefore made to those who are assessed as financially eligible but who also show the most academic potential in the Scholarship Assessment.

Sixth Form HSBC Scholarships

We are pleased to be able to also award two means-tested HSBC Scholarships worth 100% of fees. These are awarded each year to two girls joining us from the maintained sector and have been made possible thanks to the generous support of the HSBC Global Education Programme, which funds 50% of the award. All girls who have applied for a bursary will automatically be considered for a HSBC Scholarship and no separate application is needed.

One of our recent HSBC Scholarship winners says:

"An excellent education is the opportunity we need to get closer to our dreams. When I heard about the HSBC Scholarship Scheme through Northampton High School, I was excited because it meant that I would not only be granted amazing opportunities but I could actually work towards improving my life and prospects,and also those of my family. I am ambitious and hope to study Medicine, specialising in Neurology.  I would like to undertake some voluntary work in developing countries in the future and I am well on my way to reaching my goals."

Pupil in Year 13 who was awarded an HSBC means-tested Scholarship.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a bursary or scholarship, you simply need to Register your daughter with us. We will contact you with details about how to apply in October prior to entry.

11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9 ) Scholarships and 11+ Bursaries 

For information on Scholarships into Year 7 and Year 9 and Bursaries into Year 7, please see our website here